When I bought my first home, I used a real estate agent. I didn’t understand much about the process of buying or selling a home, and I really needed some guidance. After living in this house for five years, it is time to purchase something a little bigger. This time, I think I’d like to try and sell the property myself, rather than using a real estate agent. It just doesn’t make sense to me to throw away all that money in fees if I can get the house sold without an agent. And, I think comfree is the way to do it.

After doing my research, I think the best way to get exposure for my home is by listing it on a website that buyers will got to in order to search for properties. I like that the ComFree team takes care of just about everything for me, without charging me as much as a Realtor. For example, they will come out and take pictures of the home. They will talk to me about the listing and help me draw in buyers. They’ll guide me through the process, so I will still have support even though I won’t have a real estate agent by my side.

I’m really under no pressure to sell my house. I simply would like to upgrade; it isn’t a necessity that I do so. Therefore, I would like to give this company a try. I like what they are saying about how to sell a home, and I like how supportive they seem to be. I feel like it would be a little silly not to at least try this alternative route. Hopefully, in six months or so, my house will be off the market and I will be looking for my new dream home.