Texas. The very name strikes vivid images of a wilder time, a time when the country was still new and finding its heat. A time when the soul of the west rest upon a man’s hip. When troubles and disagreement could be solved at high noon on a dusty road, where the shadows stretched far as if to escape the inevitable echoes of gunshot. Where Indians and robbers raided small towns. Where heroes were made. That’s the Texas I fell in love with and why I made my home there after I saw pflugerville homes for sale. How could I not? The place calls to my heart like the moon sings to the poet. This place is full of history and adventure, more so than any other state that I feel. With Mexico bordering its deserts, it receives more of a cultural influence than the rest of the nation can say.

There is a real diversity here. A place where many beliefs can come together under one flag.