Of course I want to go some place that is not dreary, some place I have not ever been before and some place nice and warm also. I am thinking about a couple of things, the Costa del Sol in Spain is one, but I know a guy who says Mallorca is awesome.He says I should rent a car from some place like this,http://www.carhiremajorcaairport.co and get a place out on the coast away from all of the people. In fact that is not how I was thinking. Instead I was thinking about going to where there were a lot of girls and where the girls were not hiding from the chill like they do around here this time of the season. I love it when it is the first warm day in Spring and you go out in the streets and all the girls have got out from under the layers of clothes. What I really like is the beach, but that does not last very long in the UK.

You can go down to Cornwall for example and it is always storming of the English Channel it seems. The wind howls so hard that it can be cold even when it is 75 degrees. That is not a lot of fun when you are wet and you are wearing nothing except a pair of swim trunks. At any rate Mallorca seems like a great idea, but I want to be able to make it a long stay as that is what I have. I can take two weeks really. I just do not think my money will get me through that long of a stay in any place. One time I knew this guy who tried to camp out on the beach in Spain, but you got to have permits I think.